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Martial Arts Fitness is a full body workout, giving you one of the most effective systems available to ensure you get great results from a Fitness Program.

You will shock yourself in how you can develop your own body. You'll be wondering why you never started this years ago.

Our System of Martial Arts Fitness is second to none. classes are great for improving health, fitness and personal confidence.

Come and Try us for Free!

You don't have to wait until September to come for a Free Trial session - Try it now or just watch if you prefer and Register for the next session only if you really like it.

You WILL improve your strength and Stamina whilst sculpting your body into great shape. Many areas of fitness are not even covered in many Fitness Programs.

A combination of Cardio Karate, Resistance Training and Bagwork, guaranteed to give you great results.

Martial Arts consists of many areas, each session differs from the next, allowing your body to continue changing and preventing you from becoming bored of the same old routine.

Our Fitness Program is suitable for both absolute newbies and the seasoned Martial Artists - You are not competing against anyone else. Fitness is relative. That's relative to where YOU are now and where YOU want to be.

WE GUARANTEE you will get great results by simply following our Fitness Program.

We have many Instructors who are very passionate about Martial Arts Fitness and very excited to help you discover YOUR true potential.

You are very capable of performing all the techniques and exercises that we teach. How do I know this? - Because all the techniques consist of Gross Motor Skills which are basic body movements that virtally all people can perform.

Class Schedule - Please Contact Us for class dates and times as we will shortly have many more options available.

Enjoy A Friendly atmosphere at Ju Jitsu Calgary -

There is a friendly, family atmosphere in our school, and we encourage each other to reach our goals. You will be training with many other like minded people.

We'll Not Just Help You Set Your Goals -

We'll Help you reach them

It's Not About Goal Setting -

**It's About Goal Getting**

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