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Ju Jitsu Calgary - Self Defense Courses

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Our System of Ju Jitsu is directed specifically towards Self Defence

Many new people wonder why out techniques are so simple. So let me just explain something very Quickly -

Self Defence MUST be simple to be effective so all of our techniques consist of very simple techniques that everyone is capable of performing

We are making Free Self Defence Courses in Calgary available Regularly - You do not want to miss this opportunity so I encourage you to register below and receive regular updates as to when our next courses will be held

Be warned - Spaces do fill up quickly.

You are also welcome to come and Try out a couple of our Ju Jitsu sessions for Free, we want to ensure that you have found the right Art as much as we want to ensure that we have found the right person to teach our valuable skills.

Please contact us for more info or to set up your free trial lessons.

Class Schedule - Please fill out the form above so we can keep you informed about our upcoming course dates and times as we will shortly have many more options available.

It's 100% Free - We want to ensure we remove any barriers that will prevent you from attending a course of such importance. This is the same course we previously charged people to attend. It is simply our way of giving back.


Organise a Course for your Company or Organisation - If you would like to to organise a Course for your Company or Organisation, please use the Contact Us Link

Adult Self Defence Courses -

Our Courses are suitable for Adults, however, if you have teenagers, you may want to bring them along too. They can benefit greatly from the essential Self Defence Information that we teach.

One area people always find amazing is the vast number of weak and sensitive areas throughout the body, giving you great opportunity to create the "Maximum Effect" with very simple strikes, allowing you to gain the upper hand if a confrontation becomes physical.

Keep it Simple -

You are more than capable of performing all the techniques and strategies that we teach

Self Defence MUST be simple to be effective.

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