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Once you have gathered enough Ju-Jitsu information on each of the categories, you can start making an educated decision based on your personal wants and needs. The Ju-Jitsu information based at this site will help you to do that.

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First check what is available to you on your area, in locations that you are willing to travel to. Your choices may be limited anyway.

If you are looking specifically to learn Self Defense, then ensure you choose a club that dedicated a good percentage of their time in that direction. The reason I say this is because Self Defense is so much more than just learning techniques. There are emotional and psychological aspects that must be covered.

The majority of our students are looking for a Self Defense Art and / or looking to improve their level of fitness. We can certainly help you reach your goals in these areas.

If you are looking to compete in tournaments then maybe you should be looking more for a Brazilian Ju-Jitsu Style for information. We do have students who compete but there is so much more commitment required by them, their training is catered for outside of the Regular Ju Jitsu Program.

Whether you are looking to train in Ju Jitsu for Self Defense, Competition or Traditional Values, you still need a base art in which to train.

There are many reason as to why people start Ju-Jitsu. Information you gather yourself, will have a large impact on the direction you decide to go.

Many people go specifically to learn Self Defense, others want to broaden their Martial Arts skills. Many go to keep fit and others for the shear fun of it. For many it becomes a life-long activity.

My advice to someone who is just looking to gain physical fitness is to go to the gym outside of classes for as there is already precious little time to practice and perfect techniques.

A good saying that I truly believe in:

"Get fit to play sport, don't play sport to get fit".

This way, many injuries can be avoided.

Most clubs will have some Ju-Jitsu information readily available on their particular style. Don't be shy in asking the questions as most Instructors are more than willing to go into details. Go and watch a few classes, most schools should let you. This way you will get a good feel of what you can expect.

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